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Chiron Retreats present:

A five-day personal transformation seminar in Greece, full of nature, knowledge an harmony, on
The Golden Verses. A call from Pythagoras
A manual on Well-Being by the first philosopher

Why the Golden Verses

Pythagoras’ Golden Verses are characterized as “Golden” because they reveal to us how to transform the “heavy”, dark and unrefined parts of our Self, the lead of our soul, into gold, i.e. into refined and noble qualities – the “Divine Virtues”.

Why refer to Ancient Greece

Why refer to Ancient Greece ?

“Our culture has the tendency to look to Greece, when it refers to the glory of the past, perfection, grace and spiritual clarity, … since Greece is the cradle of our civilization.

Our goal is to turn to Greece, looking for psychological insight. To understand what this “Greece” has to offer that is so attracted to the soul and what it is exactly that the soul finds in Greece.

(James Hillman, Initiator of Archetypal Psychology)

Why to choose this 5-day retreat program​

In CHIRON RETREATS, by implementing the exclusively developed ‘CHIRON THERAPY’ approach, we bring back a long forgotten tool, deeply engraved both in the Greek soul and the Collective soul: the daily self-examination, as displayed in the Golden Verses of Pythagoras.

What we will learn

In this 5-day program, we will learn, step by step, how to build our magnificent self, starting with some simple daily habits.

How to become an Alchemist
The alchemist’s task is taking care of the transformation of consciousness. In this priestly masterpiece, the lost philosopher’s stone and how to “sculpture” our divine effigy in Olympus, are revealed to us.

  • We will gain knowledge about:
  • The philosophy of Pythagoras.
  • The 4 Races of the Logical Beings in the Universe.
  • Man’s position in the hierarchy.
  • Practical philosophy as a source of Virtue.
  • Theoreticalphilosophy as the mother of Truth.
  • How the etymological analysis of keywords connects us to their essence.
  • We will be reminded of:
  • How to honor our relationships and how to select our friendships.
  • How to take care of our Health.
  • The importance of the daily self-examination.
  • How to transform the 4 fundamental Passions into Virtues.
  • How simple everyday habits help build our magnificent Self.
  • We will reconnect with:
  • Our personal guide who lives within us.
  • The five-pointed Star of Hygeia (Health).

We will meditate on:

The Sacred Tetractys, the sacred symbol of the Pythagoreans.

We will practice:

  • The daily planning of well-being through the Morning Meditation and the Evening Self-Examination.
  • Creative Visualization and Critical Thinking.
  • Pythagorean Mindful Nutrition

The basic structure of the seminar

– The three models of Chiron Retreats: 1. Chiron Therapy – 2. Harmonization with Nature 3. Ancient Greek Nutrition

Our five-day schedule


At a glance

Date: 3 – 7 June, 2019 (5 days – 4 nights)
The Golden Verses. A Call from Pythagoras. A manual on Well-Being
From € 1.080 to € 1.500 ( VAT included)


  • 4-star accommodation in the Abeliona Retreat in spacious luxury suites. (4 nights).
  • Full board – 3 meals / day with organic products, plus healthy snacks (5 days).
  • Transportation by private bus to and from the Abeliona Retreat.
  • Transportation to and from the Temple of Epicurius Apollo.
  • Daily classes, three times a day, on the Golden Verses and Pythagoras’ diet.
  • Guided meditation.
  • Stationery (including pens, crayons, different kinds of paper and folders).
  • Use of the Abeliona Retreat facilities.
  • Our CHIRON RETREATS Team of 8 people to take care of your needs.

Not included:

  • Your flight tickets to and from Athens.
  • Your transportation from Athens airport to Syntagma Square and back.

Participation Fees

5-day transformational seminar:
The Golden Verses. A call from Pythagoras

Prices: From € 1.080 to € 1.500 ( VAT included )

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