chiron therapy

What is Chiron Therapy

CHIRON THERAPY is a modern psychotherapeutic approach based on the activation of three important therapeutic tools of the ancient Greek thought:  a) Philosophy b) Language Etymology c) Myths/Symbols/Archetypes

It’s aim is the ultimate therapy, “KNOW THYSELF”, which leads the individual to reconnect with the “Virtuous Intelligence” that resides within him / her. It is rather an attitude or stance to life as it reminds us how to honor and celebrate “Living” (ΖΗΝ) by moving to the sacred art of “Well-Being” (ΕΥ ΖΗΝ).


Why refer to Ancient Greece?

What would be, however, the reason to refer back to the tools of the past and why to ancient Greece in particular? Could looking back at the past be of any use whatsoever?
At this point, the answer is insightfully provided by the Jungian 8 psychotherapist James Hillman: “When the dominant vision that supports and holds together a certain cultural period collapses, then consciousness regresses to previous support systems, searching for survival resources that constitute at the same time resources of its renewal and revival”.
He goes on explaining why we need to turn our attention to Greece: “Returning to Greece is our psychological response to a threatening collapse …
Our culture has the tendency to look to Greece, when it refers to the glory of the past, perfection, grace and spiritual clarity, as well as when it seeks its own “beginnings,” since Greece is the cradle of our civilization.
Our goal is to turn to Greece, looking for psychological insight, to understand what this “Greece”


CHIRON THERAPY comes to meet two profound human needs:

1) The will to get to know ourself.
2) And the will to evolve.

Its basic aim is to free human soul from two heavy burdens: Ignorance and Oblivion.
Oblivion about who we really are, and ignorance about how we can fulfill our potential, express our talents and restore a sense of sacredness in our everyday life.

Chiron Therapy is addressed to those who know that they don’t know the truth, and to those who want to overcome the double ignorance (double ignorance: I don’t know that I don’t know the truth)

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