The basic structure of the seminar

The three models of CHIRON RETREATS:
1. Chiron Therapy – 2. Harmonization with Nature  3. Ancient Greek Nutrition

1. Chiron Therapy

Theoretical Part
  • Philosophy: It will be an introduction to Pythagoras’ thinking. Having been energized by the vibratory nature of the ancient Greek texts (reading from the original texts) and the etymological analysis, we will focus on the philosophical concepts of the Golden Verses.
Experiential Part
  • Symbols / Archetypes: We are going to approach deeper mental structures having as a tool the language etymology and the Symbols/Archetypes.

2. Harmonization with Nature

Α. Harmonization with nature.

Natural environment of Abeliona

By taking walks we will harmonize ourselves with the peace, tranquility and the incomparable beauty of the environment.

Β. Harmonization with the nature of the Ancient Greek Energy Sites.

The temple of Apollo Epicurius. 

We will draw power from the sacred energy place through rituals. Rituals are initiation patterns of a transpersonal character that can lead us to an insightful experience.

C. Harmonization with the Nature within us.
The aforementioned two points help us draw energy from the roots of our ancestors and the wisdom of the collective soul in order to grow taller, blossom, thrive and fulfill our potential.


3. Ancient Greek Nutrition

Theoretical Part
Training on the value of the Pythagorean nutrition.

Experiential Part
We will approach food through the 5 senses.
We will grow deeper roots in the present moment through mindful eating.
We will nourish ourselves with qualitative, tasty and body-beneficial foods.

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