Our five-day schedule

Day 1 – Monday, 3June 2019
Departure from Syntagma Square, Athens, by bus. A 20-minute stop at the most popular site next to the Parthenon, according to CNN, the Corinth Canal. 14:30:Arrival at AbelionaRetreat Center, delicious meal made from pure, local ingredients and vegetables from its garden. Have a rest in its spacious rooms. 20:30: Dinner. Meditation. Invoke the help of our personal Guide in order to receive the maximum benefit possible during the inner journey. Moving from the Warrior’s Archetype to the Alchemist’s Archetype. (Sweet dreams. Have some rest.)

Day 2 – Tuesday, 4 June 2019
08:30:  Nutritious breakfast and first meeting with Pythagoras, the first Philosopher. 10:00:  Introduction to the Golden Verses how to apply their ideas in your everyday life. 14:30:  Lunch and Rest. 17:30:  Meeting with one of the most important tools of Chiron Therapy: The power of Language Etymology. 20:30:  Dinner. The first valuable key: The Evening Self-Examination. Group meditation and activation of the Alchemist. (Sweet & revealing dreams. )

Day 3 – Wednesday, 5 June 2019
08.30:  Breakfast. The second valuable key, Morning Meditation. Walk in nature. Energize our body through the 5 senses. 14:30: Lunch in silence. Practicing the Pythagorean mindful diet. Rest. 17:30:  Silence continues. Preparation for the contact with our Personal Guide. 20:30:  Dinner. Evening Self-Examination & Group Meditation. I am the Alchemist. (Sweet and transforming dreams.)

Day 4 – Thursday, 6 June 2019
08.30: Breakfast. the Orphic Hymn of Health. Activation of a powerful symbol: the five-pointed Star of Hygeia (Health). 11:30: Apollo Temple visit. Enjoy the music of nature and harmonize with the energy of the Sacred Temple and Apollo’s Light. 14:30: Lunch (Pythagorean mindful nutrition). 17:30:  Meditation on yet another important Pythagorean symbol: the Sacred Tetractys. 20:30: Dinner. Evening Self-Examination. The Sacred Tetractys. I am one with the Universe. (Sweet and awakening dreams.)

Day 5 – Friday, 7 June 2019
08.30:  Breakfast. Morning group meditation. We thank and bid farewell to the Arkadean nature which hosted us, the fellow travelers who embraced us, the Apollo Epicurius Sanctuary which activated our Inner Guide that brought us together during these five days, and, lastly, to Pythagoras who reconnected us with our wisdom, through the awareness of our Self and brought us into harmony with the Cosmic Order.
Thank you.

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